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American Stone Cottages where influenced by European Architecture namely French and British Cottage design. Over time they became Americanized, with subtle changes. Cottage building took off after World War 1. Soldiers returning home from Europe loved the French and English cottages they saw and started building their version in America. Most Cottages fall into a few design types.

French provincial Cottages, had steep hip roofs, slate and stone, square shape, arch topped windows flanking an Arched door entry.

English Cottage style, had irregular shape, a more casual appearance, Gable roofs and squared window tops.

Other styles include, Cotswold Stone cottage from the Cotswold region, Hobbit design, Storybook, and some tudor styles.

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Stone Cottage Catskill

We have been working with the best stone masons for many years on many assorted projects. They have built the best dry laid stone walls ever seen as well as stone fireplaces. We use the same masons on our stone cottage builds. We can replicate any stone style you choose. We specialize in the dry laid look but have done all styles. Our skilled masons are able to keep a style and pattern over the entire project and we hand select special stones to fit certain areas. Many masons make a project look like multiple patterns by changing people and styles. We work to make sure that doesn't happen. You have a choice of full thickness stone and wall or veneer. We use real stone local to the following areas.

Stone Cottage Builders

We will design/build/Fabricate your future Stone Cottage to meet todays financial need for an energy and space efficient home. We use the latest green building technology and energy efficient mechanical systems to build a home perfect for Couples, Retiree's or for Vacation homes. Smart design doesn't need to be an oversized home with wasted space and high costs. The benefits of lower taxes, lower utility costs and less maintenance, all designed into the perfect size space for your needs. In New York we build Catskill and Adirondack Stone Cottages and Stone Houses to meet the ever increasing demand for quality at a reasonable price.

Stone Cottage Catskill

Our Stone Cottage designs meet the need for just the right amount of space, lower cost living without sacrificing quality and comfort. An affordable high quality Stone Cottage with todays new materials and systems is the answer to todays high cost of living...

We are the builder known for the best fit and finish and smoothest running projects that are on time and on budget. In New York we build Catskill and Adirondack Stone Cottages, whether for vacation or permanent residences.

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